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Though I'm relatively new to Skyrim, I love the game and how may play-styles it allows you. While managing 7 character builds gets a little hairy (sometimes literally with the Nords), I enjoy making the characters. I'm open to suggestions and hope you like my builds.

Archery & Conjuration

A ghostly archer with a vendetta against the Daedra, this soul-hunting outcast seeks to prevent the mortals from becoming the playthings of Oblivion. He uses the Dremora's weapons against them, banishing them from Mundus and capturing their very souls.

By LifeSmith on Jan 13, 2018
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Conjuration & Illusion

Black Soul Gems. They made him. They fuel him. They are his goal. Once a great knight, he lost his soul to a Daedric servant. Left to die, Soulless let a deep revenge filled the hole left by his will, driving him to kill all, and destroy the Daedra.

By LifeSmith on Oct 18, 2017
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One Handed & Speech

A redo of one of my favorite builds, the Shipwrecked Plunderer is a sneaky Argonian with the skills of a pirate. Stranded in Dawnstar, he heard of a spell to turn iron into gold, and devoted his life to Alteration, swashbuckling his way to wealth.

By LifeSmith on Dec 12, 2017
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It's a lot of fun and the backstory is pretty flexible for slight modifications on the build, I'm glad you like it

It's alright haha. I just figured it's easier to find an enchanted necklace in Skyrim than to balance out other perks to make the Headsman evenly leveled on the Calculator

Yeah but I think the Ebony Battleaxe works best with the "Headsman" theme

One of them is unenchanted for the Elemental Fury shout

Wait never mind, I thought you were saying I was being lazy for using the horizontal line haha. My bad. Yeah it really does come in handy, there is a lot of things BBcode can do that I learned from reading other builds.