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Though I'm relatively new to Skyrim, I love the game and how may play-styles it allows you. While managing 7 character builds gets a little hairy (sometimes literally with the Nords), I enjoy making the characters. I'm open to suggestions and hope you like my builds.

Archery & Conjuration

A ghostly archer with a vendetta against the Daedra, this soul-hunting outcast seeks to prevent the mortals from becoming the playthings of Oblivion. He uses the Dremora's weapons against them, banishing them from Mundus and capturing their very souls.

By LifeSmith on Jan 13, 2018
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Conjuration & Illusion

Black Soul Gems. They made him. They fuel him. They are his goal. Once a great knight, he lost his soul to a Daedric servant. Left to die, Soulless let a deep revenge filled the hole left by his will, driving him to kill all, and destroy the Daedra.

By LifeSmith on Oct 18, 2017
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One Handed & Speech

A redo of one of my favorite builds, the Shipwrecked Plunderer is a sneaky Argonian with the skills of a pirate. Stranded in Dawnstar, he heard of a spell to turn iron into gold, and devoted his life to Alteration, swashbuckling his way to wealth.

By LifeSmith on Dec 12, 2017
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Yeah, I agree. Plus in early levels a perk spread this wide will make it near impossible. Pickpocket, Speech, and even Sneak seem unnecessary for this build. And as many a Veteran builder has stated, having all three crafting trees maxed out is just way to much work when two will suffice. Aside from all that I did like the idea of the build, being a DA fan myself.

Ok guys my first heavily modded build. What do you think?

Ok, like the concept, but you might need help with your perks. Here are some recommendations
1) Drop Master Illusion and any master Illusion Spells. In higher levels, they'll be useless, since they don't benefit from Dual Casting. Rout, Frenzy, and Pacify (Expert and Adept) work on much higher levels with Dual Casting.
2) The left side of Heavy Armor is honestly not as good as it sounds. If you want Conditioning to boost your speed than it's fine, but if you are just trying to max out Heavy armor I would drop it.
3) Savage Strike is annoying for Necromancers, since headless enemies can't be reanimated.
4) I might make this build a Vampire. It's obviously totally up to you, but they have a strong connection to Molag Bal and get a good boost to Illusion. Plus a Vampire lord form could strengthen the build. Again, it's up to you.
Besides those things I really liked it. Keep up the good work!

I've got to be honest, I really like this build. The idea of using Shouts as Siren calls may not be completely unique, but this is the best I've seen it. And while the walking around in you underwear is a little weird, it's certainly a cool idea that fits the build. Well done! emoticon