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Alchemy & Speech

After fleeing from her homeland and accidently poisoning the count, this Redguard travels to Skyrim to reunite with her brother Ahtar. When she arrives there, she will do everything she can to make him Skyrims greatest hero.

By overtone on Nov 25, 2017
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And level 50 with only five skills? With seven skills, you reach level 49, so try to limit the number of perks in the future based on the number of skills. And the right side of the speech skill is rubbish, certainly for a lawful, friendly character

I don't see how this fits the theme of the build contest. Sure, the race is Altmer, but besides that?
The build itself is fine, although you can't put spell reduction on boots. And going to the land of the Nords, because you don't like warmongers? That is a huge contradiction.

Just wanted to help emoticon
And I must say: your first builds look better than my first builds.

Difficulty is a good topic of debate. My personal opinion is that you should adjust the difficulty to your build, not the other way around. But I search for roleplay builds, not gameplay, so that could be a difference between us.
People on this site aren't looking for the most powerful build; they are looking for a new, original way to play Skyrim. This means giving your character some weird habits or a certain weakness. But again: this is my opinion. The build itself is good, but people on this site in general aren't really fond of all three crafting skills.

I just want to give some feedback on the whole build, and that includes how the page looks. Your account suggested you are pretty new to this website, so I thought you could use some tips to improve your builds.
I didn't know it wasn't finished; I expected it to be finished, since it is public and it looks like you put a lot of effort in this, and I really appreciate that. And I must say that my comment isn't the best there is, so sorry about that. Just take the feedback you want to use, and discard the rest.