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Sneak & Light Armor

The Thalmor, her own brothers and sisters, betrayed her. They will regret it, because this bitter Altmer will come for them! She won't rest before every High Elf in Skyrim is dead!

By overtone on Feb 12, 2018
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Archery & Alchemy

A build for the dc superhero Green Arrow, inspired by the show "Arrow". I tried to stay close to the character in the show, with a few changes to the backstory to fit into Skyrim.

By overtone on Oct 10, 2017
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In my opinion, a unique playstyle or background make the build. I would like you to give this a background story.
I assume you use smithing both for the war axe and the armor. The latter benefits from the advanced armor perk, so I suggest you take that as well.
Why throw in two-handed and sneak perks? I think this build is a 'normal' weapon and shield warrior with a bow, so no use of two-handed weapons, and sneaking is out of the question.
If you use the Steed Stone, the left side of the HA tree is useless. Critical charge is pretty useless, and I think Hack and Slash isn't that great either. I'm focussing in this comment on the number of perks, because if I'm correct, you should make every skill you use legendary to get the desired level. That's why a lot of people on this site won't look at builds with level 50+.

I focused on the roleplaying for this build, not necessarily on the health regen. So that's why I didn't think about those options, but that would definitely improve the health regen.

How about lightning spells? Which shouts, race, and late game standing stone? And isn't Mjolnir a one-handed weapon, making a mace a more fitting weapon? This way, you can cast spells and smash skulls at the same time emoticon