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Restoration & Two Handed

This worshipper of Kyne saw his family killed by necromancy, so he tears Skyrim upside down to get rid of all the undead, draugr and dragons alike. Perfectly viable build if you don't want to use any of the three crafting skills.

By overtone on Feb 19, 2019
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Alchemy & Speech

After fleeing from her homeland and accidently poisoning the count, this Redguard travels to Skyrim to reunite with her brother Ahtar. When she arrives there, she will do everything she can to make him Skyrims greatest hero.

By overtone on Nov 25, 2017
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Nice backstory! There is some potential here, although you may want to work on your spelling and grammar.
A few questions:
- How does she use the lightning spells. First as a ranged attack when her opponents are far away, then switch to sword and shield?
- You say that her race is Imperial, but the battle cry in the backstory suggests that she is a Nord. If she is the daughter of Acilius Bolar, she would indeed be an Imperial, but maybe using Voice of the Emperor is an alternative.

Your build is missing some vital information. Which armor, weapons and spells will he use? Which quests are important? What is his alignment?
Also your perk spread is unusual to say the least. It will become more clear when you add the above, but 1 point in Shield Wall? With 5 skills, you have 40 perk points to spend.
It looks like this is how your character has progressed so far in the game. However, we, the other users of this site, want to see the endgame character. So also take a look at the standing stone, as the warrior stone is only useful when training, but your endgame character doesn't have to train anymore.

Shouldn't you go the left hand side of the smithing tree? Nordic weapons/armor benefit from the Advanced Armors perk, not Orcish smithing.

And level 50 with only five skills? With seven skills, you reach level 49, so try to limit the number of perks in the future based on the number of skills. And the right side of the speech skill is rubbish, certainly for a lawful, friendly character

I don't see how this fits the theme of the build contest. Sure, the race is Altmer, but besides that?
The build itself is fine, although you can't put spell reduction on boots. And going to the land of the Nords, because you don't like warmongers? That is a huge contradiction.