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Block & Heavy Armor

The sentinel a holy warrior born and raised as a member of high class society.Unlike those who raised him he will never see anyone as below him.He will always put others before himself.He will use many skill to help him protect the weak and inocent.

By Omgitsaoni on Nov 20, 2017
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Block & One Handed

The Valkyrie is really just a young girl trying to find something bigger then herself to be a part of.She is a simple person who doesn't need fancy spells or tricks to get the job done just a sword to slice up bandits and a sheild to beat down imperials

By Omgitsaoni on Mar 14, 2018
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That may have been a typo oops

I tried to make this one a bit more organized then the last but it came out basically the same anyways i hope somebody loves it

Thanks kinda replying late but whatever

My first srry that its kinda cluttered not used to this setup