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I am a skyrim player who has been a fan for a very long while. I hop on here and show my idea's for builds and hope you all like them and the way they are played. every build I make there is something new involved I never knew was possible in skyrim.

Heavy Armor & Destruction

This mage's power has sky rocketed to the point he is almost immortal. he is nice unless you hurt anyone he loves. then you will burn to death. he only has two foes. time and Akatosh's test. can this mage beat aludin.

By Blademaster2019 on May 15, 2019
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Sneak & One Handed

If you told anyone in Skyrim about this being they would tell you that it was just a way to scare children into eating there food. but you knew that this being did exist in this world. even if you had to create the being in yourself

By Blademaster2019 on Mar 13, 2019
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Archery & Enchanting

A build that uses only bows up close and personal and also far away. Yes its long to get it but I bet you will be happy. So have fun by running a build that is bad ass and rules all of the entire world by bow and arrow, forget swords bows are bad ass

By Blademaster2019 on Dec 14, 2017
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This looks like a wonderful build but I think there is a perk tree you should dabble in and that's alchemy as a good alchemist could make most bows one-shot with a sneak attack + poison. Otherwise you're good at perks

No problem. also if you change you conjuration skill's with dark soul's instead of elemental potency you can give you're two summons some pretty overpowered gear and with the dead thrall spell they would last until they die or you summon a new conjuration. and if you complete the quest The Chief of Thirsk Hall from the dragonborn dlc you can get a pet Riekling. with the Riekling you can give them weapons. in total giving you 4 armored and armed followers that can be ridiculous.


Also if you get all gear that can get the reduce destruction cost you can make you're spells cost nothing and will never loose enchantment charges

So does this build use illusion to sneak around because if so it might be a good idea to also invest you're sneak up to all 5 sneak perks and then either go all the way to shadow warrior or end at silence. Just to help with sneaking around a bit