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Alteration & Speech

A book collector with the magic of a dragon, this mage build is focused on spell cost reduction. Friends of Hermaeus Mora and a seeker of new knowledge, this Dragonborn Breton won't stop until she's the smartest scholar in Skyrim.

By Chosen on Dec 22, 2017
comments: 18   favourites: 3
Block & Archery

A warrior horseman from Hammerfell, the Lost Rider traveled across the desert on his trusty steed, and can race around his opponents. Being a master of unbalancing his enemies, he can easily destroy foes without even taking a hit.

By Chosen on Dec 19, 2017
comments: 1   favourites: 4
Conjuration & Two Handed

After his failure during the Oblivion Crisis, Mehrunes Dagon needed a new plan. Without the strength to enter Nirn, he sent his power to inhabit one, strong individual: the Chosen.

By Chosen on Dec 16, 2017
comments: 3   favourites: 6
I don't understand, what's wrong? It looks like a roleplay stealth archer with illusion

This build has some promise, but I think a unique backstory and playstyle would definitely improve, as well as more definition in the formatting (BBcode or at least some extra space so it isn't so compact)

Why do you list the Ebony Battleaxe twice?

Yeah, that is a good idea, it took me forever to finally perfect my copy of this template without knowing the code.

When I first joined the Calculator, the is the build style I copied. It may take a lot of coding, but the build is very presentable.