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Mages, Warriors, Thieves are all welcome to my Plane of Oblivion known as The Tested Lands where any one can use my creations in the Land of Tamriel [NOTE: that some of these creations do not have backstories, just create your own if you wish]

Lockpicking & Pickpocket

Whatever he wants this Nord will get it himself. No help needed except for a fence for the stuff he doesn't need. All he wants is Gold, Gems, Jewls, and Jewelry. None of those artifacts inside of crypts and ruins

By zodinfire on Nov 3, 2018
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Heavy Armor & Two Handed

Orcish born, Vampire raised. An army of undead will arise. The Elder Scrolls have prophesied with Dragons gone and and Nirn becomes dark one being of the night will do anything to take over Skyrim

By zodinfire on Nov 3, 2018
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Alteration & Destruction

A simple yet expert mage made it from one side of the continent to the other while he was asleep. Waking up in Morrowind he has no idea where he is at and now fights his way to his home of High Rock until he gets arrested and involved in a Legend

By zodinfire on Nov 3, 2018
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Why not have all three ranks of Mage Armor considering you have no armor perk investment, bc the Mage armor works without any armor on and acts like for example Juggernaut for heavy armor, make the mage armor useful is what I am trying to say. this is by no means negative just pointing you to a better understanding of these perks

thank you for pointing that out it should be fixed now

I was trying to go for a warrior of anti reclamations like the four houses of troubles against the tribunal. also I try to let other people forge their own story with my characters. also Elder21 has builds from oblivion implemented into skyrim

check out my spellswprd "spy" my second build with a simplified backstory

thanks for the feed back after all this is just my first build emoticon