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I am building my army of Spellsword and Battlemages

Smithing & One Handed

At 10 years old this Khajjit has picked up a few tips and tricks about fighting with his fists and as he got older he got better, faster, stronger through his punches going through a many bar fights and underground Fight Clubs. Yelling is natural

By zodinfire on Jul 18, 2018
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Two Handed & Conjuration

Where there is good, evil is not far behind. This build using necromancy and fire magic combats FudgeMuppet's holy warrior known as the Paladin. And here is a dramatic twist The Dark Paladin is the long lost and forgotten brother to the paladin

By zodinfire on Jul 8, 2018
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Archery & Sneak

A "Robin Hood" no one expects because is protecting the poor and the innocent unless they have committed some crime whether its unlawful or unnatural. An assassin that kills if needed and a thief when needed and can see others that others can't

By zodinfire on Jun 20, 2018
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thank you for pointing that out it should be fixed now

I was trying to go for a warrior of anti reclamations like the four houses of troubles against the tribunal. also I try to let other people forge their own story with my characters. also Elder21 has builds from oblivion implemented into skyrim

check out my spellswprd "spy" my second build with a simplified backstory

thanks for the feed back after all this is just my first build emoticon