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Skyrim enthusiast!

You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
True,but you won't always be able to take out an enemy in one shot, nor will you be able to always stay hidden. When your cover is blown and you're in a one on one battle, faster drawing bows are extremely benefitial. Damage per second is often more important than damage per shot.

Ideally you get a high damage bow for sneak attacks and a fast drawing bow for combat.

Thanks emoticon

It's hard to take my attitude and 'gtfo': we are discussing on MY page, from MY profile. If you don't like what you see, move along. No harm done. The internet is big enough for the both of us. Going to someone else's page and start nagging isn't really beneficial for anybody.
This was my first build, my first try. So yes, it will most likely have flaws. Your destructive way of pointing me to those flaws was probably the biggest flaw of it all. Hopefully we both learned something here.

Be constructive or don't reply at all. This is a waste of time for everyone. You wasted time trying to look cool by nitpicking, me wasting time by reading your useless addition to the description and replying it. Let's try and not make that same mistake again.

The Master Assassin operates souly on stealth. He/she wil try to sneak attack every enemy he/she comes across. Luring in the dark, the Master Assassin tries to clear caves & camps without ever being detected.

The main weapons of choice are a bow, crossbow and (dual) dagger(s).

The preferred race for the master assassin build is Khasjiit, due to their talent for sneaking, their speed and the Nightvision ability. Other races are possible as well (tip: Orc's beserker rage + sneak + archery is insanely OP).

The Master Assassin will join the Dark Brotherhood and starts it's questline as fast as possible.
(Tip: get the secret Ancient Schrudded armor set in Whiterun at the end of the questline)

Empire or Stormcloaks? Pick your preference. The Master Assassin has no allegeance. Since he is a criminal who gets caught by the empire at the start of the game, siding with the Stormcloaks would make more sense.