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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
Very cool indeed. That picture was what first got me interested in the build. I spend a long time trying to make my character look like that emoticon I actually installed a mod that made my character not change face when he turned to vampire, as I want to keep the black eyes. Thumps up to your sisters art work! emoticon

Great Build! I really like the dynamics. Which mod are you using to get the sword on the back?

Thanks - After 2000+ hours of Skyrim I still have alot to leran emoticon I have played on legendary before, but always with builds that was almost immune to magic before I took on dragons. This is an exiting new way of palying. Really great build Maverick, I am working on making it over the summer

How do you fight dragons on Legendary without magic protection_