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J4nuz's profile

Name: J4nuz

Race: Breton Master Race

Sex: Male Maste-wait nvm

Stone: Lord

You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
If you're just making this build for yourself, than you should set this to private. If you don't want to do that, than just get rid of the speech perks. If you'd prefer not to, I understand of course, but it strikes me as against the nature of making roleplay builds to include unnecessary perks simply for your own convenience. I'm not trying to shame you for adding perks for your own convenience, just that other people can make the decision for themselves whether to add something or not, just as you can.

I don't think you're a pure thief if you use enchanting or illusion though. That would be more of a Nightblade which is a subclass of thief. Nightblade doesn't fit a pure thief that uses enchanting and illusion perfectly because Nightblades well, they use blades, which a pure thief wouldn't, but you get my point.

On Rogue
So he was casting spells when he was a baby? Or did they abandon him when he was older? emoticon

You think that Bosmer, Argonians, Khajiit Nords, and Redguards can't be nobles? emoticon