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Restoration & Alteration

This build is a pacific build about an Altmer priest who never kills a living creature. She uses restoration and alteration spells to stay alive and in the meanwhile, she uses pacify spells to not get attacked.

By jodro on May 21, 2018
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Why the fire enchantment if you're not using any weapons?

I agree with you about the speech skill and the description. I apparently forgot to add another line in the backstory where I describe that she goes to Skyrim to aid the people suffering from the war. I remove the speech skill. About not fitting the theme. I don't think there is much of a theme. The race only has to be Altmer and that's it. In my opinion, that's not even a theme.

Nice build. I would add some perks to light armor myself and remove some of smithing. So it's really the ultimate warrior.

I really love the idea that he broke his arm and that's why he uses wards.

Ah yes that's true.