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Alteration & Enchanting

The definitive weapons specialist, the sword saint is honing his body, mind, and spirit into the ultimate weapon. He is the unarmored weapons master, a very physical mage.

By Bruno on Jul 9, 2018
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Heavy Armor & Destruction

The Daedric Knight is a battlemage, touched by the daedra, as champion or cultist of one or all. The Daedric Knight is highly skilled in two-handed weapons, employing Destruction as well, and should be as skilled in Unarmed attacks.

By Bruno on Jul 8, 2018
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Illusion & Alteration

The Merchant Prince is an astute politico manipulating markets and policy. He's completely at home with any faction, his own interests involved in building a mercantile empire.

By Bruno on Jul 8, 2018
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Personal preference. Put those points somewhere else if it bothers you. Archery is sparser than I like.

Enchanting and smithing won't make potions, and Health is a priority with this build, especially if using Equilibrium.

My concept is a blademaster weaponsmith. The skill in weaponry is the damage, the magic is healing and innate perks explained as physical mastery. His only magical attack is paralysis, so he needs the weapon skills. It's a martial arts movie trope.