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Archery & One Handed

(Vampire) Breton, Hybred night assasin. main weapon bow and spell + dagger. Option to dual wield one hand and dual cast expert illusion spell. Light armor and lord stone

By Palfatreos on Jul 23, 2018
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lol forget about what i said they easy to get apparently avoid death need 90 restorion skill XD.
kinda sucks the calculator doesn show skill requirement so i felt for deception tehy easy to get emoticon.

Looks good for the theme you going. Does't seem any wasted skill point.

If you have spare skill point after what you initial planned you might wanna get magic resistance in alternation skill tree.
Or in regenration skill tree respite/regeneration/adept restoration (for close wound heal spell) for small healing.
Or avoid death in regenration skill tree for a free save each day incase you die.

Since they in mage skill tree i understand if you dont want to take them if they conflict in your theme. Especially the one that use magic for healing you could use potions instead.
But i think avoid death and magic resistance are still a nice passive defensive buff and they pretty low in the mage skill tree.

If you only gonna use the bow on horse you might remove the right side or archer tree since i think ranger only work on foot?

fixed it. ques i forgot to replace an copy paste emoticon

since you have double enchant maybe enchant you main sword with fire/paralyze it more versetile since it aplly on all atack using the sword instead only Backwars PA and the duration longer.

removing runemaster i doubt you will use it alot since you have better fire spells and alternation spell.

If your lockpicks never break do you still need master lockpicking?

getting merchant out of convenience to sell your potion to anyone instead limited to certain npc. And apparently you can even buy item from the merchant inventory allowing you to buy bugged alchemy ingredients that normally cant be. (source

If you gonna poison your weapon alot maybe grab concentrated poison to have 2 poison swings instead 1?