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I am a Khajiit and have defeated Alduin at level 18!

Vampirism & Archery

DREM YOL LOK fellow Dovahkiin. When you play for a while, you begin to question things. Things such as "The Vampires are all bad." So here you'll see me going into a much darker character called Shadow.

By Demoman324 on Oct 30, 2018
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Lycanthropy & Light Armor

DREM YOL LOK fellow Dovahkiin, and welcome to my little project called Project S. I have been thinking very hard about Project S and I think I have finally gotten to the point where I can make it public.

By Demoman324 on Oct 29, 2018
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Thank you for your advice! I have, However, improved upon my build and invite you to check it out.

I appreciate your honesty and I have revised my build into a much better version that needs some critique.

thank you for your feedback! There is a new build now that I would like to hear your thoughts on.

New build for Silence. Tell me what you think.

Thank you for your feedback I will work on it some more.