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Illusion & Heavy Armor

An update of my previous unarmed type build. A disciple of Sheogorath, the Skooma Cat hails from Elsweyr and has come to Skyrim to spread joy to the hearts of everyone the only way they know how- pure chaos and debauchery.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 31, 2018
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Alteration & One Handed

A slight edit of my original Hist Warden build. A dual-wielding Argonian who travels with a companion, she is fiercely protective, hard to kill, and hits devastatingly fast.

By StyxTBeuford on Dec 6, 2018
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Honestly because this build was originally submitted for a contest that required it to be under level 50. Those points weren't the most necessary to what the build actually wants to do. I've updated it now.

Good to see you here Curse. I appreciate the likes- I think they rated it a 1 literally because I entered it last minute into a competition.

Honestly one of the most unique ideas for a build I've seen so far. I like it a lot.


True enough. I do say in the build that carrying an improved bow with some damage type enchantment on it isn't' a bad choice if you don't feel like relying on Dragonrend or want more reliable ranged damage (I do carry a bow on my character, though it's rarely used aside from Dragon encounters). On higher difficulties however it is harder to do any meaningful damage without some combination of perks, enchantments, or potions, but certainly if you trade some alteration for archery you could make that work, as you say.