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I make fan based builds for Skyrim, and sometimes a few others... I AM CRAZY GIRL!!!!

Conjuration & One Handed

Time for the other member of the Deadly Alliance, Quan Chi! This is more of a necromancer build than Shang Tsung and uses Conjuration a lot more. HAVE FUN ENSLAVING THE DEAD!

By Mysterystar on Nov 9, 2019
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Conjuration & Enchanting

I've returned with a Shang Tsung build! It may not be the most viable thing in the world, but damn if it isn't fun. You'll be stealing souls and putting them to use!

By Mysterystar on Nov 9, 2019
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Sneak & One Handed

Play as Valeera Sanguinar from World of Warcraft! I decided to make this build after playing her a lot in Heroes of the Storm and realizing she'd make a perfect Skyrim build.

By Mysterystar on Jul 30, 2019
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"Cue Ball, corner pocket" -Johnny Cage (MKX)

I'll take some pictures once I start playing it, then.

I don't use mods, given that I play using XBox 360 version, so making a modded build without even having the capability of understanding it or testing it would be wrong, not to mention difficult.

Never really used the Block tree, so I guess I always assumed it was just for Shields.

Not necessarily, only if you want to use the aspect of Raiden that has healing powers. He's only been shown using them in the past two games and the comics series, and even then, pretty sparingly. The worst injury he healed was a hole through Fujin's chest, and Fujin's another god, so he could heal from that pretty easily with help. All we've seen of the healing powers were mostly minor, so all those Restoration perks aren't completely necessary.