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Skyrim fanatic since 2013! 2000+ hours and two PlayStation Platinums! Developed many characters and builds over the years, just discovered this site for them.

Archery & Sneak

The Huntsman of Hircine, sneaky and deadly in battle, able to call on the blood of the savage beast. Annihilates all opposition, be it man, mer, daedra, or beast. Embraces Hircine's gifts and blessings.

By historyhud on Aug 10, 2019
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Thank you!!! emoticon emoticon

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Honestly, I never expected anyone would ever really see this. Alchemy does seem like a good edition (and a popular request)! Thanks for rating and suggesting!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

That's an excellent suggestion, thank you!

Thank you very much for your suggestions! For me personally, I take those Archery perks later on when I don't have as many other perk demands as they give just a little extra "oomf," and I didn't take those light armor perks because the light armor in this build is so light and you can much higher levels of carry weight being a werewolf anyway.

Thanks again for viewing my first build and commenting! I'm sure others will readily agree with you!