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Alteration & Illusion

The minimalist is just that. No crafting, no enchanted weapons or armor, carries only consumables, and two staves for emergencies. Use Elsweyr Fondue a lot. You should play as a Breton if you want to experience the full idea of the build.

By Tormin on Aug 22, 2019
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Alteration & Alchemy

Tenjin, aka ‘The Scholar,’ is a shy and studious, yet intensely loyal person. His magical skills are extensive, matched only by his love of herbalism and alchemical science.

By Tormin on Mar 16, 2020
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Sneak & Pickpocket

An assassin style build focused on survivability and practicality. Daggers are all you’ll really need; he can calm enemies, act as his own combat medic, and needs have no followers, which he prefers, anyway.

By Tormin on Mar 15, 2020
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