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Archery & Illusion

A tribal shaman skilled in the bow and arrow, native crafting and herbalism and shaman magic to cause various hallucinations, fear, and other mystical effects to rout his enemies.

By Tormin on Jul 28, 2020
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Illusion & Pickpocket

A lightly armored mystic version of a thief. Patient and cunning, but with no martial talents, this rogue makes his way through the world on his wits alone.

By Tormin on May 24, 2020
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Sneak & Illusion

An assassin style build focused on survivability and practicality. Daggers are all you’ll really need; he can calm enemies, act as his own combat medic, and needs have no followers, which he prefers, anyway.

By Tormin on Mar 15, 2020
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Lol. I guess I deserved that. Was having a bad day and so many crappy builds. Yours is the one I chose to hit with my own opinion of what a toon should be. I apologize.

Unlike in illusion, dual casting in restoration does not empower the level of affected creatures, but the duration of effect. I never take restoration beyond adept level unless its a really important game mechanic for a character concept. But you do need to at least be adept, for your concept. Maybe expert for the circle...

This is one hell of a mess. All those points wasted in illusion. But you skip the three perks that empower your spells... You could just kill them.

Illusion is only useful if you max it, use it as both offense and defense. You just wasted all those points. The whole build is a mess...

1 third magicka does not work for a destruction character. 70/30 is the least you can get by with. The smithing and weapon skills are redundant. Pick one. You're a magic user or a weapon user. Mixing and wasting perks makes both weaker.

There are some suboptimal choices in perk selection, but they're for role-playing purposes. I did the same with my Boba Fett build. With it only being 41, these can all be fixed by 65, which is where I usually stop leveling.

Good concept!