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Hello! My name is Bogdan and i am from Romania. I am 21 and i recently got in love with Skyrim(and Serana too hehe). This is my first time making builds, hope they can be useful. Sorry if my English is bad. There wont be roleplaying, i am not good at this thing.

Destruction & Restoration

Lili was abandoned by her parents, when she was little, a few days after she discovered her magical talents. She would have died for sure, if not for the priestess of Mara from her city, now old enough she wanders Skyrim to help those who need her.

By Bogdan98 on Oct 7, 2019
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Ok thanks for the suggestion! I think you are right, though it is hard for me to play without any kind of healing or enchanting xd, i got used to them pretty much.

Thanks for the comment! Well i am pro Imperial, so that's why i wanted her to Join the Imperial Legion, i think the Empire is weaker without Skyrim. emoticon