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RndmKaos is seriously awesome as they have helped out SkyrimCalculator by making a donation in the past.

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Enchanting & One Handed

The Imperial Champion. A champion of his nation, using only the skills that his people are known for (i.e. the starting skills of an Imperial). He is primarily a swordsman, but also a battlemage, switching between spell and shield as needed.

By RndmKaos on May 11, 2015
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Archery & One Handed

As a master of stealth the Improved Nightingale has no need for illusion magic. A true thief, he is bent on restoring the Thieve's Guild. He guards the shrine of Nocturnal and in return is rewarded with powerful items and abilities.

By RndmKaos on Apr 30, 2015
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This doesn't appear to be a build that you actually played. You seem to randomly pick skills and are still dabbling too much into too many skills. Pick a direction and go in it. I never understand when a person puts 2 perks into powering up a weapon, if you're going with it, go all the way. you may choose not to take every perk, but certainly take every 20% upgrade if it's part of your build. For me a build called silence is likely an assassin. So, sneaking, one handed, archery, illusion, and alchemy. Those are the skills I'd be picking from as main skills, i wouldn't take them all.

Illusion seems to me the most like the force in that it affects peoples mind. I didn't want him to just be a melee combatant. this way he can use his powers to make weaker opponents fight among themselves while he wades in and fights their leader one on one.

Wow, Level 98? Good guy or bad guy? Not really so much a build as it is a lack of a build!

Thanks! I hate going over 51 perks, but this is a complete assassin / thief.