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Archery & Sneak

A glass cannon build revolving around the bound bow spell, stealth, synergetic shouts, and self sustaining magicka and stamina, all powered by enchantments, alchemy, and vampiric blood.

By Maverick on May 29, 2015
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Sneak and get the drop on them. You don't always have to sneak, but it definitely helps. Slow Time, Marked for Death, and Berseker Rage make for good openers. You can always use the Shadow Warrior perk. You can spam crouch or combine it with Whirlwind Sprint if you're feeling cool. Besides all that, just take cover

I also added something useful for Whirlwind Sprint. Pretty interesting so check it out.

It's been a while since I last updated but to answer your question, sorry buddy. This is a higher level build that focuses on combat style instead of role playing aspects like other builds. That being said, I did do away with the extra pockets perk in pickpocket, lowering the overall level of the build by 3. Figured it was necessary since this build was originally intended to be a max level build at level 81, but now there is no longer a level cap because of the implication of legendary skills. I also added a use for the marked for death shout. That's about it. You can get rid of the unbreakable perk to reduce the level of the build by 6. Hope that helps.

Highly appreciated Scrappy. Put a lot of work into this build. Took a while to figure out exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Btw, I like your profile picture. Reminds me of mine. We're like blood brothers or something lol