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Zu'u los Jacob, Zu'u tinvaatey Keizaal ahrk wahl Keizaal edil wahl fah vorey joriin wah kovir.

Block & Heavy Armor

You see yourself as a full blooded Dovah, and the Dov by nature are a dominant race, and so are you. You will bow before none, destroy all, and rule over any race, even the dragons

By JakeTheInventor on Jun 19, 2015
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Ah, i missed that before. My bad.

This is awfully similar to the cannibal gormet build that ESO did. And by awfully similar, i mean exactly the same.

I apologize for the long description. If you decide to check this out and are too lazy to read it all then just read the excerpt. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

Lets hope it doesn't take too long for someone to come along and shoot him.