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Zlorfik is seriously awesome as he has helped out SkyrimCalculator by making a donation in the past.

Hey all

I love playing different builds on Skyrim. I also created a few own mods for completing my feel for the perfect game. If you want to know more, just drop me a line.

Alteration & Vampirism

Using Magic to enable and enhance physical combat, this build is for experts and may be quite difficult to level up. Using magic armour for protection and bound weaponry for damage, this build can be lethal if used correctly.

By Zlorfik on Jul 7, 2015
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Heavy Armor & Two Handed

A Dark Knight in dark armour. Equipped with the darkest armour and the most cruel weaponry Skyrim has to offer. Anything brave enough to challenge you will face the consequences.

By Zlorfik on Jul 7, 2015
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Block & Restoration

The Paladin focuses heavily on defense and divine aspects of magic. It is a common sword & board character, backing up with heals and a crossbow for ranged enemies. The latter requires Dawnguard.

By Zlorfik on Jul 7, 2015
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At this point, no description would have been better than this.

That take on enchanting works for me emoticon as for Alteration and Alchemy i'd say it ends up being personal taste..

Alright, thanks for the answers.
I guess some pros can land a sneak attack on a dragon mid-fight with the shadow warrior perk.

Yeah how you kill them. You can obviously not do it with poison

What is your take on undead or other poison resistant enemies?