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Archery & Block

The ultimate vampire hunter has arrived in Skyrim to end the threat of the vampires. If they must go on the hunt for an artifact that could possibly destroy the sun... then so be it.

By 4fingers1Thuum on Oct 15, 2015
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Yeah thats a good idea actually

Shadow warrior only works in combat and for a few seconds, the idea with invisibility is to get somewhere without being seen and then sniping an enemy. I can see where youre coming from but Shadow warrior is just to stay alive if you end up in close fight and invisibility is easier to reach that shadow warrior. But thanks for the comment and suggestion emoticon

Well I did think the same but then realised that the combination between invisibility spells and then a bound bow would just counter act... players can choose either or, its really just a preference. But thanks for the comment, Ive been out of this a while emoticon

I think youre taking the perks a bit too seriously... the whole point of the perks is for guidance and where to put your perk points, noone said you had to get to level 99 thats just what all of the perks that you can use add up to... Fair point that noones going to want to level up that high because I dont get my characters that high but there only there for guidance...

Very fair point and thanks emoticon