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Conjuration & Heavy Armor

My most famous build I’ve made redone with mods, now much more interesting and refreshing compared to the old vanilla version. Your favourite undead warrior reborn once again.

By zin1000 on Aug 18, 2019
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One Handed & Heavy Armor

This build is for necromancers looking for survivability or to dish some physical damage. This build is also good for spellblades looking to do a different turn or for roleplaying a black knight who is ready to kill anything that stands in his way.

By zin1000 on Oct 22, 2015
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One Handed & Light Armor

Wanna be fast? Wanna be furious? Wanna be an inferno of dual-wielding death and decay? Wanna do this quickly and no need to be so high leveled to play? Than this is the build for you!

By zin1000 on Dec 6, 2015
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