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Speech & Restoration

Do you want a big Hack n’ Smash, and Jack of all trades build? This Build is for you. Aiming to be sort of all over the place and a build for both new and old Skyrim players.

By Edptv on Nov 3, 2016
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One Handed & Restoration

Aiming to be a holy knight. The crusader travels around Tambriel, helping those in need and exsterminate evil from the lands. Note! This build aims to be like the real Crusader from our world.

By Edptv on Jan 27, 2016
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What did you like about it, and what do you think I could do better?

I would like to see the description a little bit more organized, and fleshed out. A little backstory could help. Even just adding the race and stat spread would help a lot. Make it more personal, as the build stands now: It's just a basic rogue in some fancy armour, and with magic.

I rate this 3/5 as it stands now.

So then you will become a vampire lord ? Still have the same powers as if you get bitten by Haarkon (Is that his name?). Do you still fight for the Dawnguard after the quest is complete?

Would Like to see a little gameplay.

But I have a question. Can you join the Dawnguard if you are a vampire ?? How can you become a vampire and stil fight for the Dawnguard ??

Nice to see the little note saying that you can remove any perks you don't want.
So I ain't gone comment on any skill this time. emoticon

When It comes to the backstory, try correcting it a bit, some grammar, and maybe try to change some bits up. Make a little more sense out of it.

Add some info on the Playstyle, would love to read how it works before trying it out.