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Destruction & Alteration

Channel the power of nature to heal your wounds, make your skin as hard as stone, and destroy your enemies with the elements. When your magicka is low, unleash nature's bestial fury by transforming into a bloodthirsty wolf form.

By calciumstrength on Aug 13, 2018
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Conjuration & One Handed

A mystical warrior who makes use of the atronach forge and conjuration for their arms and armor. With bound sword, bound bow, and summoned allies, you are a warrior fueled by the forces of Oblivion.

By calciumstrength on Oct 23, 2015
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Two Handed & Heavy Armor

A Nord who has not forgotten their race's past respect for magic. This character specializes in using the Dawnguard rune hammer to its full potential by training in the arcane arts of destruction magic.

By calciumstrength on Oct 24, 2015
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Nice. You should take the speech perks and the light armor smithing perks off of the build though.

You took augmented flames instead of augmented shock. Also, if you're taking augmented shock for the lightning sword, you may as well get storm enchanter in the enchanting tree too. It's also disappointing that this character isn't wearing an amulet of talos.
Also, I think you put far too many points into stamina.

Solid build. I'm surprised you didn't go for the 100 enchanting capstone perk for double enchantments.
I do think you put far too many points into stamina, though. Especially since with the Respite perk in restoration you'll have all the stamina you could ever want.

You can pick any lock easily without the perks, though. And unbreakable isn't that useful when the game throws lockpicks by the hundreds at you.

I understand the alteration, I was asking why you didn't go deeper into alteration for the expert level spells.

The lockpick perks are pretty useless. Otherwise, the perk spread seems okay. How come you don't advance to expert alteration for the paralyze spell and ebonyflesh?