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Destruction & Alteration

Channel the power of nature to heal your wounds, make your skin as hard as stone, and destroy your enemies with the elements. When your magicka is low, unleash nature's bestial fury by transforming into a bloodthirsty wolf form.

By calciumstrength on Aug 13, 2018
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Conjuration & One Handed

A mystical warrior who makes use of the atronach forge and conjuration for their arms and armor. With bound sword, bound bow, and summoned allies, you are a warrior fueled by the forces of Oblivion.

By calciumstrength on Oct 23, 2015
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Two Handed & Heavy Armor

A Nord who has not forgotten their race's past respect for magic. This character specializes in using the Dawnguard rune hammer to its full potential by training in the arcane arts of destruction magic.

By calciumstrength on Oct 24, 2015
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No need to apologize! I was just surprised to see the lack of power attacking on a dual wielder, and wanted to check out what was up. Besides that, this seems like a good build. I personally wouldn't bother with enchanting, since you aren't enchanting weapons, but that's more a personal preference to avoid too much crafting. Another cool thing is that Stability increases the effects of Slow Time, so in some situations that might be another shout to try out. Even if Elemental Fury is the main one.

Interesting. I would have assumed elemental fury with the perks that make standing power attacks do 25% more damage and dual wielding ones an additional 50% more damage would outweigh that.

Why are you avoiding power attacks? The dual wielding power attack is really the only reason to dual wield.

I just finished playing a vampire lord focused character, and vampiric grip is some of the most fun I've ever had in skyrim. So this character looks incredibly fun, having vampiric grip in human form combined with the infinite concentration casting.

Normally, Deep Wounds is not a very good perk. However, I would consider it here because it actually ends up increasing the damage from Great Critical Charge's critical hits too.