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Destruction & Alteration

Channel the power of nature to heal your wounds, make your skin as hard as stone, and destroy your enemies with the elements. When your magicka is low, unleash nature's bestial fury by transforming into a bloodthirsty wolf form.

By calciumstrength on Aug 13, 2018
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Conjuration & One Handed

A mystical warrior who makes use of the atronach forge and conjuration for their arms and armor. With bound sword, bound bow, and summoned allies, you are a warrior fueled by the forces of Oblivion.

By calciumstrength on Oct 23, 2015
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Two Handed & Heavy Armor

A Nord who has not forgotten their race's past respect for magic. This character specializes in using the Dawnguard rune hammer to its full potential by training in the arcane arts of destruction magic.

By calciumstrength on Oct 24, 2015
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Well, that's certainly a... unique idea for a build basis.

If you make a build just for personal reference, you can just keep it private instead of making it public. You'll still be able to check it out whenever you want.

Oh yeah... I love smashing sneak attacks over and over in the starting cave to grind levels... Real fun...

Fists of Steel does nothing with the gloves of the pugilist. Mentioning doing more damage than a dragonbone weapon is misleading, since those can easily be increased in power through weapon skills and perks, and smithing.

You are also missing one of the greatest increases to unarmed damage, which is the Ring of the Beast. It adds 20 damage to your unarmed attacks, but can only be gotten by joining with Harkon in the Dawnguard DLC.

Nice. You should take the speech perks and the light armor smithing perks off of the build though.