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Conjuration & One Handed

A mystical warrior who makes use of the atronach forge and conjuration for their arms, armor, and followers. With bound sword, bound bow, and atronachs/dremora lords, you are a warrior fueled by the forces of Oblivion.

By calciumstrength on Oct 23, 2015
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Two Handed & Heavy Armor

A Nord who has not forgotten their race's past respect for magic. This character specializes in using the Dawnguard rune hammer to its full potential by training in the arcane arts of destruction magic.

By calciumstrength on Oct 24, 2015
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This is a cool build concept, but level 100 is just too much. That's a huge time investment, and if you publish a build publicly, the idea is that it's something other people could try too.

My advice is that even if *you* plan to play this character for 100 levels, for the published version, try and get it down to level 20~50. A build that does everything isn't much of a build, while at a lower level the perks will be more focused and communicate what the character is about at their core.

Looks good.

Looks good, but I'd swap fists of steel, cushioned, and conditioning for the dual wielding perks. Reflect blows is also not that great, despite sounding powerful.

That's totally fine. You don't have to wear a hood. But in the perk section of the build you have Custom Fit and Wind Walker, which don't do anything if you don't have a piece of light armor in all four slots. So you should just stick to 5/5 Agile Defender for the build.

A couple points about perks: Avoid the critical hit perks in archery. Critical hits in skyrim add an insignificant amount of damage, and adding smithing makes the critical damage even more irrelevant.
Also, most of the light armor perks you have listed do absolutely nothing if you aren't wearing a hood or other light armor for your head slot.