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Conjuration & One Handed

A mystical warrior who makes use of the atronach forge and conjuration for their arms, armor, and followers. With bound sword, bound bow, and atronachs/dremora lords, you are a warrior fueled by the forces of Oblivion.

By calciumstrength on Oct 23, 2015
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Two Handed & Heavy Armor

A Nord who has not forgotten their race's past respect for magic. This character specializes in using the Dawnguard rune hammer to its full potential by training in the arcane arts of destruction magic.

By calciumstrength on Oct 24, 2015
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Ironic name, considering this is a pretty orthodox stealth archer.
Not bad though.

Alchemy is a bit overkill when you already have full smithing and full enchanting, isn't it? One crafting skills is already really strong, and once you have two crafting skills your numbers get crazy high.

Oh, also, you could replace magic resist 3/3 and the tower stone with the atronach perk and the atronach stone. Personally, I like magic absorb more than magic resist when you get it that high, but again, that's more an option than something that's strictly better.

Awesome build, man. I'd greatly recommend giving one of the scimitars a drain stamina enchantment to spam power attacks. There's also the option of adding destruction to the build for a ranged option, but more importantly, to take augmented fire/frost/shock and fire/frost/storm enchanter to use with a chaos damage enchantment. It'll benefit from all six of those destruction perks and all three of the enchanting perks. It's the most damaging enchantment you can add to a weapon. That's not required or anything though, just an option to consider.
I'd also recommend getting rid of great critical charge and bladesman perks- critical damage in skyrim is actually quite puny and only adds damage based off of a fraction of a weapon's base damage.

Your smithing perks seem wrong if you're going to be using ebony stuff.