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I am a person and I like video games (Skyrim) (ESO) (Terraria)

Heavy Armor & Enchanting

The Cryomancer knows only to kill. For the ones who pass him by? They will soon feel the cold embrace of death. I hope that you will enjoy this short build.

By SkyrimIsAwsome on Oct 30, 2017
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Block & Restoration

The Templar is a holy warrior of Stendar who fights undead and vampires and any other evil creatures. He uses one-handed weapons, blocking, and restoration to fight evil.

By SkyrimIsAwsome on Nov 26, 2016
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Block & Archery

The Imperial Soldier a very common unit with some not so common skills. The Imperial Soldier fights for the empire and everything the soldier does is to oppose the stormcloaks.

By SkyrimIsAwsome on Jun 14, 2016
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all of the above

Silver swords are good beginning weapons for holy builds

Lol, I have arachnophobia emoticon

Does skyrim have golf?

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