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Just another mechanical engineer playing video games during his spare time. My mods of choice: "Eat Drink Sleep," "No Fast Travel," "No Starting Spells"

Heavy Armor & Illusion

A mace in one hand, the twisted energies of both holy and dark magick in the other. Conjure the power of shadows, or fight in the thick of it with the powers of light! This is a non-enchanting build for any difficulty.

By Wark on Apr 17, 2016
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Conjuration & Two Handed

Slaughter your foes with the powers of darkness! Cull those who dare to stand before you, then bring them back to fight alongside you. With your two hander and conjuration spells, your foes have good reason to fear the shadows!

By Wark on Feb 23, 2016
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Light Armor & Illusion

You are a neutral wielder of the Unrelenting Force. Strike down the enemies of justice and equality for the people of Skyrim! Sword in one hand; lightning, illusions and alteration magic in the other, you will complete your mission at any cost!

By Wark on Mar 30, 2016
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Reworked this build finally. This should be more like it.

Can you do the same thing, but with 100 less perk levels?

I think you could do without either alteration or destruction, honestly.
In the more traditional sense, necromancers are all about death, poisons, debuffs and disease.
Any necromancer that starts using direct damage dealing methods starts becoming more of a warlock.
On that note: poison rune and alchemy will come in handy.
Use poisons with a dagger to debilitate your enemies!
Enchanting in that case, would be completely optional since you won't need it to fuel destruction magic.
Illusion on the other hand may be useful, but no calm spells: fury and fear would be excellent. Think of it like using offensive debuffs to defend yourself.

Also, what is "plot" armor? Do you mean cloth armor for the mage armor perk?

Your description mostly describes how this uses 2-handed and block for the Ebony Blade. You also go into detail on levelling alteration.
2-handed, block and alternation by itself seems like enough for the core build.
So, why do you have the other perks like illusion, destruction, restoration, enchanting and 1-handed, exactly? Have you gotten this build in game to lvl 81 before?
Also note, the left side of the block perk tree is useless with a 2-hander, Disarming Bash doesn't work very well most of the time, and Greater Critical Charge has limited use. You could definitely trim down on the steamed pork buns for this build and reduce that required level for its effectiveness.