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Just another mechanical engineer playing video games during his spare time. My mods of choice: "Eat Drink Sleep," "No Fast Travel," "No Starting Spells"

Two Handed & Light Armor

A sneak-centric melee build with 2 handed weapons. Impale your foes, then fight them toe-to-toe! No enchanting, alchemy, or fighting with the menu: only your wits. Viable for all difficulties.

By Wark on Nov 7, 2018
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Conjuration & Two Handed

Slaughter your foes with the powers of darkness! Cull those who dare to stand before you, then bring them back to fight alongside you. With your two hander and conjuration spells, your foes have good reason to fear the shadows!

By Wark on Feb 23, 2016
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Light Armor & Illusion

You are a neutral wielder of the Unrelenting Force. Strike down the enemies of justice and equality for the people of Skyrim! Sword in one hand; lightning, illusions and alteration magic in the other, you will complete your mission at any cost!

By Wark on Mar 30, 2016
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This seems like a bloated up version of Fudgemuppet's Arcane Hunter build. It even uses his picture for it.
I recommend trimming some of the fat off the traits, 73 is pretty hefty. For example:
- You only need up to Adept in conjuration for the Bound Bow.
- The entire right side of the Archery perk tree is useless with the Bound Bow.
- You only really need 1 point in sneak to be effective, especially when you get Shadow Warrior and use light armor.
- 1 point in Steady Hand is enough
- Bladesman is of limited use, especially with the low chance and lower base damage of Bound Sword. Limbsplitter is ... OK, although the Bound Battleaxe has such slow attack speed for it.
- I wouldn't take Critical Charge for One-Handed weapons since standing power attacks on sneaking is just better for those. Critical Charge is way better for 2H weapons both in combat or when sneaking.
- Adding Quiet Casting from Illusion would benefit this greatly. That can easily be power leveled by using Muffle.

I left it open for some variation, along with suggestions in the leveling section. Of course if the player wants to use a greatsword only, sure. I personally like this setup with the Dawnguard Rune Hammer since I can literally spam fire runes between the Respite and Windwalker traits in combat.

Unfortunately, I learned the Intimidation/Persuasion perks are ... actually useless. You need a high speech to get them, and by that point you could already persuade or intimidate people without the perks. I recommend investing elsewhere and/or removing them.

By Wark
Reworked this build finally. This should be more like it.

Can you do the same thing, but with 100 less perk levels?