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I'm a hardcore gamer when it comes to Skyrim, and I love creating backstories for my characters. This is basically the perfect website for me to express my imagination. I am hoping to get many ideas for new builds when I start YouTube.

Vampirism & Archery

"Tales tell of a hunter who was lost in that old crypt. What was it called again? Oh, right... Shriekwind Bastion. You've heard the legends of that place, right? Her body was found there, broken and drained. But the next day... It was gone..." - Unknown

By YoungAssassin on May 17, 2018
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Restoration & Alchemy

Healers. They are the heroes hidden away from the battlefield; the ones who give warriors a second chance. They are the only reason casualties do not rise to astronomical heights. And one woman stands above them all, with spell in hand, and tongue sharp.

By YoungAssassin on Sep 12, 2017
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Done. Thanks for the advice.

This actually pretty well thought out. I enjoyed playing this build, and I even decided to add a mod to give it more of a roleplay aspect. 5 stars, my friend

I like this! This is really clever!

She also prefers staying at range so that she can prevent being attacked with blades, seeing as she wears light armor, albeit very effective and sexy light armor. emoticon

Werewolf form will be used whenever you are outnumbered. You'll mostly be in human form, because she enjoys the thrill of the hunt more than anyone.