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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
you need mana for conjuring bow or fortify magicka items, your build tend to encounter high level enemies such as legendary dragon or powerful vampires (if dawnguard installed) so overdraw need to be higher then %60 for handling them, same thing for light armor and enchanthing..otherwise you will be wounded archer like this emoticon

seems you have missed shadow warrior in sneak, this perk looks necessary for your build shape

looks fine, I did mine version...

...Where have you been ?....I hope it was important, because it means you weren't here to defend jorrvaskr. The silver hand.. they finally found enough courage to attack us, we fought them off ...

level looks high to me, must have DLC contents for challenge but its playable, I recommend 950 health 350 mana 120 stamina for that build, as I said without dlc content, that stats makes you giant in skyrim, only few enemies challenge with you such as some dragons, draugrs or ebony warrior