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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!

CJ is this char dual wielded or you gonna just swing that sword in single hand ? can you describe it ? (i.e spells on off hand, weapon on main hand ..etc)

I assumed this character dual wielded anyway, otherwise you will be need block alongside one handed skill, you may need to write this.

Seems to me damage and defensive skills very strong more than enough, any skill backups or duplicates over other skills slows your leveling. Also I m not suggesting more than 6 skills because it cause skill complexity and character usability can be difficult

very personal build, hard to say something about it, because it has very strong damage output for a caster character and very strong magic for an fighter character, every hero has to be strengths and weaknesses but that's not mean skipping some perks or selecting all perks, hard to explain details here but I'd suggest consider that when creating a build