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Sneak & Conjuration

Decive, corrupt and manipulate your foes and allies into battling each other without ever breaking a sweat. Conjure atronachs to do the fighting for you. dont waste time with bows or swords - those things are beneath you!

By thoLORDofLIGHT on Aug 18, 2016
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oops, I probably did, made a mistake. thnx for pointing it out

is there a way to do this without mods?

The build is not mean to be a "low level" play-through, with that said; I have taken into consideration of what you have mentioned and altered the build to reach the last quest you can complete. I will keep the build at a high level because you are meant to strive to the top and become the best, not settle for a medium level.

I agree, thats why I went back and attempted to make the outlines on the build more rigid and defined in the Play through sector emoticon

if you stick to the program of dabbling in schools of sneak, one handed, and your pick of at least one magic perk tree - you are capable of entering any and all guilds/factions without suffering backlashes or game-play penalties, while true anyone can make it their own build ,the same can be said for any build anyone posts- not everyone will follow a build to the book and letter, most will alter something to their liking and thats the benefit of this build, you have the freedom to mix and match your personal touches onto to a basically broad standing build. focusing on magic more so while still using one handed, and sneak is still utilizing the the way the build is meant to play, and ignoring one handed and sneak is something that would limit your play-style and hence would mean you didn't follow the build.