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Just your regular Skyrim fanatic. I mostly play a ghost blade type of character.

Enchanting & Alteration

You left me to die, you thought I would've died, you have underestimated me for the last time, I will get my revenge, I will return. I. Have. Returned.

By WombatTheGreat on Jun 11, 2016
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ok, well then play up to "were" you get beast form, hehe, get it? ok ill go away now, ill fix it

I dont think so, cause ive been playing a hunter of hircine and i got the ring and dont need the beast power, Although I do play with mods, so this may have been changed with a mod, tbh, i cant really tell anymore.

Well, the character type is an assassin, he has honor, but he is not interested in being a tool for guards, which is what the companions are, tools that are used when the guards are either to lazy to do it, or just cant do it, and Nico can see this as the truth, although if you do want to be a companion, then be a companion, I just didn't see them as needed or even remotely necessary, unless you somehow didnt get the ring of hircine.

I'm with him cause this isn't really a build, I mean there's no backstory, no goal, no equipment besides miiraks robes and stuff, and this is easy to do, just go on youtube. And come on, if your gonna do something just to finish the excerpt, at least make it interesting or funny, just something just not spamming 1, not being rude, just doing constructive criticism.

what is the keening in the weapons section? just wondering I never heard of it before.