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I use Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 so any mods that are used in my builds are usable on Xbox one and pc, but I try to make builds that doesn't need mods, because the mod collection on PS4 isn't the best at the moment, but feel free to use any mods you like. I use the ones I can and seems to be useful.

Heavy Armor & One Handed

Here is my Daedric Lord build, check it out! Belgaron The Daedra Lord, I used pretty much time to make the build, the backstory and the history, so it would be lore friendly. Remember to comment what you think and what could be better.

By Bezku on Feb 26, 2018
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You can if you wan`t to, but this is my build it`s good as it is

And if I've tried this build by myself

If I have character who is level 213, so it's possible.