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Hello, SkyrimCalculator members! My name is Blacklight, and I have been playing Skyrim for two years. I really enjoy creating Character Builds and reading the builds from others. I am also a member of a several Skyrim websites where I go by the same name and post builds. Check them out! |
(Ignore the "Overseer" and "LordBuffalo" parts :D thats just the original names of my accounts I changed the

Archery & Alchemy

A servant of Hircine that focuses upon Archery, Alchemy, Sneak, and Speech to make money and serve his Lord. I had so much fun with this character on my playthrough, I hope you enjoy it just as much.

By Blacklight on Jul 15, 2017
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I agree with Curse, this build needs some more information. Nobody can guess how the character is played if you only supply them with a backstory and the perks taken. Go into a little detail on the skills, how they synergise with each other. Talk about your armor choices, what weapons you used. You just need some more information to make this build playable.

"when you get to helgen you lose your disease"
You don't just lose vampirism, definitley try to make this a bit more lore-friendly.

I'll definitely keep an eye out! emoticon

Whoa. A really cool character, I love the name. Also there's no spelling mistakes (that I can see, anyways). Love the concept of a slightly... unorthodox paladin.

If you like reading and writing builds, by the way, check out this really cool site I'm a member of. We've got loads of builds on the site. Definitely check it out if you have time.

I prefer not to build my characters around achieving maximum damage. The helmet I use has a helpful Enchantment and a good aesthetic. I wouldn't use Krosis because it dosen't look right with the armor, even if it does have a more useful enchantment.
You feel free to play however you like though emoticon