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You can choose what builds to show off here - just favourite up to 3 of your own (public) builds!
For aesthetics, I`d do all orcish equipment. He is an Orc Paladin after all.
For perk/damage ratio, I'd do all Glass Weapons. He is a Orsimer Paladin.

Why Master Spell schools? Master level spells have a really long casting time. Why Restoration at all? It seems he's a Destruction/Illusion sneak mage. Why Extra Pockets? You can enchant something with fortify carry weight. Sometimes Baalgruuf gave me Hide boots of Hauling which I got the enchantment from or there is a random encounter where you can get it in exchange for Honningbrew Mead. I think starting gear for him should be the Thalmor robes. You can get them off the dead Justicar at the Talos shrine near Helgen. Magicka regen and lower Destruction spell cost. Keep them for Diplomatic Immunity if you are an elf.

Why wards? Ward Absorb is high in the Restoration tree, and they quite frankly are below par. Why not Flesh spells, with Magic Resist and Mage Armor perks. For the bound weapon you may want Oblivion Binding and to enhance the undead reanimated by the Ritual Stone, some perks that impact Raised Creatures. If you can get your Restoration below 60% casting cost go for wards. Then grab Necromage and then Ward Absorb.
I'd recommend a Breton, as A) you have spell resistance and B) you can summon a familiar in Helgen to start building up your mystical muscle.

I Would drop the Smithng perks, cut out some of the high tier Alchemy ones, grab some Lockpicking ones esp those that affect loot. Grab Assassins blade, maybe Sneak Roll. Increase his skill base as you will be Lockpicking anyway, i wouldn`t dip into Pickpocket as a dungeon delver in my mind sucks at lifting valuables off people. Most dungeon delvers also tend to be good with the bow, but not perfect. I`d cut some high tier Archery skills as well as the 5/5 in Overdraw. Maybe you can make a exception to the jack of all trades master of none by explaining his reliance on blades such as swords and daggers having him grab Blademaster and Armsman 5/5. For factions, he`d avoid the Civil War. Maybe joining the Companions as he is more Warrior than Thief. He would definitely join the Dawnguard. Onl after he sees Harkon dead will he go kill Miraak.

What do you think about using Creation Club armors, Spell knight, Vigilant and Armor of the Nine Divines as quests.
Because the Vigilant`s armors are easy to get and close to the College of Winterhold.
I believe both the Spell knight and the Armor of the Nine is closer to Markarth.
If you want you can use Arcane Accessories, which drops novice mage robes of every school into your inventory and starts a quest for a lost library of spells.