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Vampirism & Illusion

"Dreams cannot harm." Nonsense! Dreams can be the very aspect of harm and deadly intention, real harm comes from within the mind. "Master the mind you master man"- dark haven the dream lord. If anyone has an opinion or suggestion on this let me hear it.

By Lanarieldeadeye on Nov 14, 2014
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Wow gotta say. Awesome! Great idea. The thought of beating a draugr at his own game sounds fun! I am gonna give this a play for sure and let you know what it is like.

I'm a roleplaying type person I try to make all my characters roleplaying wise. You are right about steel plate, looks great!

I gotta say I extremely enjoy this build, the mix of noble knight and knowledgable mage makes for good roleplaying! An armor I use for this is dawnguard heavy and steel gauntlets.